Cameron L Wolff

648 Curve Road, Delaware, OH 43015
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Transform large IT development organizations from plan driven to value driven. Establish partnership with business leaders and executive to help define the right products and employ agile practices to build them well. Lead the enterprise to leverage IT strategically instead of as a cost center.


M.S. Computer Science Central Michigan University (3.56/ 4.0 GPA)
B.S. Education & Speech Pathology Central Michigan University

Executive Skills



  • Transformed IT from Waterfall to Agile at Scale (70 million of 300 million build budget), cut delivery time and cost in half while delivering with zero defects
  • Telephony ordering, provisioning and billing systems application development
  • One of first 5 companies in the world to achieve CMMI Level 3 for Agile Management and Engineering Practices
  • Telephony real-time, fault-tolerant systems application and database development
  • Application development and enterprise architecture executive for key enterprise large scale products
  • Financial and banking infrastructure application development
  • Direct responsibility for development teams of 75-100 people with 15 to 20 million spend annually
  • Behavioral health application development
  • Project and Project leadership for projects totaling 500 technical and business staff  and 50 millions dollars annually
  • Insurance industry application development for financial (Nationwide Financial, Office of Investments), Auto, Personal and Commercial (Nationwide PCIO), Application Development Center (Nationwide NSC)

Industry Skills



  • Insurance and Health Care: zLinux, Webshere, Windows Server, IIS, .NET , SQL-Server Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Tomcat, Apache, WAS, HP-UX, LINUX
  • Client/ Server Application Development: C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, J2EE, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, Access, Clarion, Omnis 7, Intel & Motorola Assembler Language
  • Telephony OSS: MACH Kernel, UNIX BSD, NeXTSTEP, UNIX System V, HP-UX
  • Architecture and Design: Visual Studio 1.x & 2.0 beta, TOAD  JBuilder, Eclipse 3.x Visio Enterprise Architect and UML
  • Telephony Network Elements: Stratus UNIX and 3B20 UNIX RTR, Nortel Switches, HP SCP and SMS, AT&T Network Control Points (NCP/SCP)
  • Web Application Development: ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Java, JSP, HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Test Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), Continuous Integration (CI) and other Agile Management and Engineering Practices
  • Manufacturing: Intel Real-Time Event Driven OS
  • Database Development: SQL-Server 2000, 2005, Oracle, TSQL and PL/SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • Call Center Call Back Solutions
  • Middle Tier Development: ADO.NET, Active-X, COM, MQ

Professional Experience 

Virtual Hold Technology, Akron, OH  

   2011 – Present

Vice President of Product Development

  • Responsible for software and information product development
  • Accelerated transformation to lean and agile practices
  • Implemented visual management and continuous improvement
  • Introduced and standardized agile management and engineering practice across the organization
  • Built bridge across the enterprise leveraging customer focused value streams
  • Establish coordination and collaboration across organizational departments to align with corporate objectives
  • Aligned organizational roles and performance reviews and rewards to drive agile self directed teams with sustainable delivery with quality

Technologies used: C++, C#, Erlang, Ruby, Rails, Cucumber, SQL-Server

Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH      2006 – 2011

Director of IT Applications, Application Development Leader

  • Leader of IT Transformation from Waterfall to Agile, thus far using Application Development Center to delivery on 70 million of a 300 million build budget)
  • Partnered with Executive Cabinet Members to define and deploying the Application Development Center (Salmon Creek) and Defining IT Roles in Professions 2.0
  • Faced off with BSA Executives (AVP/ VP) and Business Owners across the enterprise, turning broken relationship into strong partnerships
  • Leveraged Agile to Achieve CMMI Level 3 Certification in 9 months with Zero Weakness, one of first 5 globally, only assessment in 29 years with Zero Weaknesses
  •  Application Development Leader with 5 Application Development Center Lines (teams) and a labor budget running over 20 million dollars annually with a staff between 75 and 100 people
  • Invited to provide a full day Agile Presentation to the IT Leadership Team Quarterly Meeting (directors and above)
  • Application Development Center Employs the following Agile best practice for systems that are highly integrated and large in scale
    • 2 Week Iterations
    • Continuous Integration
    • Paired Programming
    • Test First (Test Drive Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development)
    • Full Daily Automated Regression Testing
    • Tasking and Point Estimating
    • Iteration Planning Meetings
    • Daily stand ups, Xplanner, Ration Team Concert (RTC) and other agile tools and practices
    • Wrapped Agile with traditional project management reporting to fit within the enterprise
    • Team release software in half the time and cost with zero defects (24 of last 28 releases defect free)
    • Strong People Leader, Achieved Gallop Engagement Score over 4.0, highest among my peers
    • Have built application for and partnered with BSAs and Business Partners across the Nationwide Enterprise
  • PCIO (Agent Gateway Marketing, Agent Gateway Client Management, AGSS R3, Claims) Direct (Fusion)
  • NF (SPIA, Alliance Bernstein, Fee-Based)
  • Office of Investment (REI Website)
  • Corporate (Application Development Center)
  • NSC        
  • Deployed Agent Gateway Marketing (AGM) and Agent Gateway Client Management - AGCM (60 million dollar program) on time and budget, scaled to support 18,000 Nationwide Exclusive Agents 

Technologies used: Java, J2EE, Websphere Application Server, ZLinux Virtual Machines, DB2, JUnit, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, Oracle Configurator, Visual COBOL .NET, Cucumber

Sterling Commerce, Dublin, OH   

2005 - 2006

Senior Manager Commerce Center

  • Introduced SCRUM and XP practices resulting in on time, on budget deliveries with low defects and high customer satisfaction
  • Partnered with business to develop a prioritized product backlog and planned target releases for items on the backlog
  • Identified and prioritized performance and stability enhancements to Commerce Center, an Internet face EDI protocol handler for the IBM Mainframe
  • Developed process to respond to production issues and provide post mortem analysis to prevent future occurrence of past incidents
  • Resulted in consistent on time delivery of a production stable real-time e-commerce application

Technologies used, Microsoft Visual C++, ASP, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, IBM MQ, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Windows 2003 Advanced Server, IIS6.0 and numerous EDI protocols

CMHC Systems, Dublin, OH   

2004 - 2005

Director of Application Architect and Development

  • Lead enterprise architecture team, produced software product architecture and roadmap for enterprise
  • Introduced SCRUM and XP practices to organization
  • Designed hardware and software deployment architecture for remote and client server applications
  • Identified and selected enterprise software application development technologies
  • Designed, implemented and deployed application design patterns for new products
  • Provided technical leadership and application development employing the enterprise architecture
  • Resulted in fully employing under utilized staff to build the first web based behavioral health application for CMHC

Technologies used, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 beta, ASP.NET 2.0 beta, Infragistics, C#  2.0 beta, SQL Server 2005, ADO.NET 2.0 beta, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Windows 2003 Advanced Server, IIS6.0, Visio Enterprise Architect, Sharepoint

Bank One/ JPMC, Columbus, OH

   2003 - 2004

Senior Manager of Enterprise Internet Application Development

  • Led development team for Asset Inventory Management System, Enterprise Network Request System, Network Provisioning and Voice (PBX) Provisioning Intranet Applications 
  • Introduced and employed Agile (XP and SCRUM) process to organization
  • Designed software and hardware architecture to provide highly available geo-redundant Intranet applications
  • Built IP network discovery and provisioning system to improve network services and scale
  • Resulted in the stabilization of production and the on-time delivery of applications

Technologies used, Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP/ ASP.NET, ASP, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, ADO.NET, ADO, C#, VBscript, PHP, HTML, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web Services, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, IIS5.0/ IIS6.0, UML and Visio Enterprise Architect

Redemtech Incorporated, Hilliard, OH   

2002 – 2003

Manager and Lead Developer of ASP.NET Internet Application

  • Authored requirements and specifications for the web store internet applications
  • Built system architecture and design for e-commerce web applications using Microsoft Visio Professional/ Enterprise Architect (UML Use Case, Sequence and Class design diagrams)
  • Led web application implementation using Microsoft Project
  • Implemented Internet web site including web store, Extra-net customer site and Intra-net web applications using Visual Studio .NET with Visual C#
  • Resulted in the delivery of the e-commerce web store using ASP.NET and SQL-Server within 5 months

Technology used, Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, ADO.NET, C#, C++, VB, XHTML, XML, Web Services, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, IIS5.0, Perl, UML and Visio Enterprise Architect

Qwest Communications, Dublin, OH

   1996 – 2001

Senior Director Enterprise Architecture                                   

  • Lead Enterprise Architecture Direction for a development organization composed of
  • 200 people
  • Changed architecture organization from an ivory tower group to an organization that actively participated within teams to help build emerging architecture with product delivery
  • Directed software developers to build an infrastructure that enabled business to conducted across the Internet (inside out strategy based on J2EE and .NET web services architecture)
  • Focused team of 20 enterprise architects to provide infrastructure definition for web services, message bus, workflow and other IT wide infrastructure technologies and then led the team to influence and train the software development teams to design and develop these new systems.

Technology used, Java, BEA Application Server, Oracle, XML, UDDI, WSDL, HTML, HTTP (i.e., full web services stack using J2EE and .NET), JBuilder, VisualStudio, ADO, ASP, Active-X, SQL

Senior Director/ Director Product Engineering

  • Managed project with teams of 200 personnel, building back office ordering, provisioning and billing systems.
  • Managed product development annual budgets of over 50 million dollars to deliver over 60 products annually.
  • Delivered product architecture, system requirements and project schedules within IT for key products including Web Portal, Business and Wholesale Dial, Network VPN, Frame Relay, ATM and traditional voice products.
  • Partnered with the customer to help them identify the owner and decision-makers of their projects and provided a single point of contact into IT to manage and coordinate all development for customers by IT
  • Responsibilities grew from an organization of 4 to over 60 technical staff
  • Resulted in the on time delivery of production stable applications and strong business partner relationships
  • Built and developed the Product Engineer Organization of 40 system engineers responsible for leading architecture, design and implementation of products for Qwest’s voice, data, hosting and internet services. Back office systems were based on Oracle 8i, Java (J2EE), C++, C and PowerBuilder etc. built on Windows NT/2000, HP-UX, Alpha Server and various network element platforms.

Technologies used, Object-Oriented C++, C, Two-Tier (PowerBuilder/ Oracle), SQL/ PL-SQL, UNIX (HP-UX), DEC/ Alpha, Windows NT, VisualStudio, Nortel Switches, Network Voice Response Units. HP Service Control Points, HP Service Management Systems

AT&T Bell Laboratories Columbus, OH   

1984 - 1996

Member of Technical Staff

Service Creation for Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Services                     

  • Conceived, designed and built (invented) the Service Creation Environment (SCE) technology, launching the SCE business for the International Market (SCE2000), Wireless (WSCE), AT&T International and the AT&T Domestic Markets. SCE technology was a breakthrough technology that made use of late binding, dynamic typing object technology, supported Service Independent Building Block (SIB) creation, visual programming, client server architecture and the ability to generate telephony service logic for any programmable network element
  • Managed product development and prototyping staff
  • Responsibilities included traveling and working with international customers in Indonesia, Taiwan, Italy and Germany and domestic customers, understanding and translating their needs into market advantage for AT&T
  • Resulted in the sale of the SCE2000 product in Taiwan, Indonesia, Germany and Italy

Technologies used, C, Object-Oriented C++, Object-Oriented Objective C, NEXTSTEP, Sybase, DSD-SQL, CAL, UNIX KORN Shell, UNIX V, UNIX BSD, Mach Kernel

2NCP (Network Control Point) Architect, Technical Lead

  • Conceived and designed the programmable interface for the Number 2 Network Control Point (2NCP) Interface included the
  • Customer Application Language (CAL)
  • Transaction Processing Language
  • 2NCP is the intelligence in AT&T's intelligent network, providing key telephony service applications like Advance 800, Software Defined Networks (SDN), 900 Service and other highly profitable services
  • Served as the basis for the international and wireless telephony markets
  • Responsibilities included understanding AT&T needs for the intelligent network (IN) and designing solutions that placed AT&T as the market leader in intelligent network services.
  • Resulted in the nationwide deployment of the 2NCP to support all Advanced Intelligent Network Services
  • Project size was composed of 400 people over 4 years, and system is still is use today for AT&T national and international long distance
  • Systems maintained high availability of 5 9’s with less than 3 minutes of planned downtime a year. Systems remained available even during software upgrades

Technologies used, procedural C and C++, DSD-SQL, CAL (Customer Application Language), UNIX Shell, UNIX V and Stratus Real-Time UNIX

1NCP Developer

  • Designed and implemented features for the Query Processing engine for the Number 1 Network Control Point (1NCP). Query Processing included the Customer Record Language interpreter, 1NCP was the first generation programmable controller for the AT&T Intelligent Network
  • Responsibilities included designing service independence into the Customer Record Language, interfacing with system engineering and coordinating feature development for the 1NCP
  • Resulted in being appointed the lead architect and developer for 2NCP

Technologies used, C, AWK, UNIX Born and Korn Shell, UNIX Utilities, UNIX V, 3B20 UNIX RTR (Real-Time Reliable)

Teaching/ Entrepreneur Experience

   1980 - Present

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Devry Online teaching UNIX Shell and Java Programming (2010 to Present)
  • Adjunct Professor Devry University, Capital University, Columbus Ohio Campus, designed and taught classes in Intro and Advanced Java, Visual Basic.NET, C# and ASP.NET (2002 to 2006)
  • Co-Founder and Co-Owner of TekNet - Provided Consulting, recruiting and staff augmentation for Information Technology Industry. (C#, Visual Studio.NET, SQL Server 2000, HTML, ASP.NET, ADO.NET).
  • Co-Owner/ Operator of Web Hosting Company, Baird Internet Technology - Provided Web Hosting and Email Services on NT, IIS, SQL Server 7 and SendMail. Performed engineering, configuration, administrative and programming services for business and customers.
  • Owner/ Consultant of Personal Touch Software - Designed, developed, tested and deployed software for Cardiology Department at Children’s Hospital in Columbus OH. Software processed cardiac catheterization data to calculate and present results. Also provided networked patient tracking system. Also built EARS database for Audiologist at Munson Hospital, Provided Student Database for University of Cincinnati, Customer Database for Car Repair business etc. (Omnis 7, Clarion, Access 2000, dBase II/III, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, SQL Server 7)
  • Minor Owner/ Software Engineer of Software Laboratories and Bruce & James Software – Managed marketing, sales and software development for IBM-PC. Developed Installation software for WordVision, the first word processor for the IBM-PC to be distributed nationwide via Simon and Schuster’s book stores. Co-developed fast screen refresh algorithm in 8086 assembler, permitting fast refresh of display without screen flicker.
  • Software Switch Developer for ITT – Developed features for ITT toll switch.
  • Software Developer for System Research Laboratories - Debugged Imbedded software application for Laser Micrometer using Intel Assembler, PROM Burners and In Circuit Emulator (ICE).
  • Software Developer for System Research Laboratories - Designed and implemented real-time manufacturing process monitoring software application for Ford engine assembly plant in Windsor Ontario using Intel event driven assembly language production and development environment, PROM Burner and In Circuit Emulator (ICE).
  • Software Developer for NCR - Developed software for Automated Teller Machines (ATM) using COBOL (Transaction Process Language Compiler) and Intel Assembler (Transaction Process Language Interpreter).

Technologies Used, Intel Assembler Languages, COBOL, C, dBase II/III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, Omnis 7, Clarion for Windows/ MS-DOS, Access 2000, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1/ NT, NorthStar, ITT Toll Switch, JBuilder, VisualStudio.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Active-X, SQL Server, C#, HTML

Professional References


  • Dave Bartlett - VP of Enterprise Architecture/ Product Engineering Qwest Communications
  • Dave Kersys – VP of Software Development CMHC Systems
  • Seth Flory – VP Nationwide
  • Tim Lyons – VP Nationwide

Direct Reports

  • Bill Bogantz - Director of Product Engineer Qwest Communications
  • Pankaj Jain – Director Nationwide


  • Carmen DeArdo - DMTS (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff) Bell Laboratories AT&T/ Lucent, Directory Nationwide
  • Phillip Cupp – Director Product Development, Senior Architect and Lead Developer CMHC Systems